Via own explorations

Personal VR library for fast prototyping

Key features

  1. data visualisation (from JSON structure to VR world)
    • current examples to abstract
      • map to 2D explorable world
      • list of wiki pages from a group
      • presentation slides
  2. Look to activate
    • e.g. look down to walk/pause
  3. HUD
    • dynamically modified with inventory supporting
  4. Collision
  5. FPS, tweaning, ...
  6. VRGoodPratices.js
  7. interface

Via Visual design methods for virtual reality

  • comfortable 3D zone to view (-1m sphere)
  • comfortable 3D zone to interact with hands


Own related demo with

  • green for comfortable easy interaction
  • red for non comfortable vision
  • blue for comfortable vision

See also (to explore)