To do

  1. specify the goal
    • The goal is to get more value out of my existing PIM thanks to webVR, relying on the knowledge gained thanks only to the demos done before.

2.1. list and organize the assets

2.2. list the added value of each demo in regard of the defined goal

DemoSpecificitiesAdded value
sphere.htmlspherical layoutModifiedScene = sphericalLayout(listOfPages);
MyDemo/dynamically listing content 
graph.html/graph.jsgaze picking using composite objects (forced by vreticle.js limitation) 
edits.html/edits.jsgood example of tweening and using the STLloader 
futurui.html/futurui.jsgood example of gaze with tangible interaction, composite arguable complex geometry 
generate/using a template demo 
TheWalk/textured skybox 
ZeldaInRivierenhof (GiftPreparation)mainly HUD and pseudo collisions 
WatchInterface/controller, can be used for HUD toggle and feedback 
websockets-discovery vr.htmlmulti user, can be used for shared attention 
GroupAsSphere.htmllisting by group of pages, navigate from N pages to 1 page 
PageAsRoom.htmlarguably navigating back to a calling demo 
race.html/race.jsgrouping objects 

2.3. list the usages sorted by priority (expected ROI)

  • focus on the added value compared with the existing PIM
    • distraction free moment in time and space, perfect focus
    • infinite wall size (still limited by vision system)
    • infinite number of spatial organisation and re-organisations
    • granular unaltered attention analytics
  • decide on a starting point with a starting view e.g. last edited page, all pages, etc
  • Wiki/3DVisualization
  • initial goal on Reddit
  • CognitiveEnvironments/
  1. match usages (2.3) with assets (2.1) with collected useful bits of code (2.1)
    • focus only on one with matching!
  2. move non priorities (stroked out e.g. translate to NodeJS) to a secondary session
    • anything that wasn't matched
  3. clean install process
    1. get and use the latest version the boilerplate
      • bower install webvr-boilerplate
    2. use instead of scripts
    • overall not that efficient so will do a clean directory to clone when needed
      • with key includes and commented code to activate/de-activate key components (e.g. tweening, reticle, etc)
  4. verify UX with Zsuzsanna, 20milliseconds and others
    1. Keeping in mind LessonsLearned
  5. verify PIM functions with stux and others
  6. redefine the process based on external feedback

Planning for the following session

  1. moved stroked out items here
  2. moved everything that didn't get done during the session here
  3. keep log of gazes (short, long) for statistics
    • e.g. bring forward items with longer gazes on previous sessions than others
    • not the "evil" version
  4. improve my understand of Javascript
  5. page edition
  6. shared attention must be visualized
    • e.g. 2 persons long gaze on a page
  7. update PebblePIM interface
    • use on tap + direction left -> move next, direction right, move back)
  8. the neater the interfaces (or libs) the more fun and productive the session
    • declare proper constructor with function or events for each demo reused

Considerations on UX ideas

  • visualization of page with
    • depth = number of edit,
    • length of length,
    • etc
  • buttons of side with long gaze to
    • move,
    • zoom/dezoom on it,
    • toggle display/hide linked page,
    • toggle display/hide groups,
    • etc

Prepare a WatchPeopleCode session announced for Saturday 19/12/2015 following the previous one.