My mission

Make quality webVR tools to help people think and explore. Creating proof of concepts and prototyping processes to change the way we think and build thanks to virtual reality on the web.


How to efficiently converge to a common understanding i.e. StoryboardVR I made to go from a raw discussion to a basic in VR experience.


How to see what can be done thanks to prototypes and Demos that I tried over months and use as a palette for future works.

Managing ideas

How to organize your thoughts to have more and different ideas i.e. PIMVR that I programmed to visually manage my notes in a wiki format.


How to use new tools to learn better e.g. PoC for an in-VR learning tools that I created for people to learn VR and programming while being in VR.


How to bring all those tools and processes together for novel quality productions e.g. Cimzia experience for UCB that I successfully delivered in September 2016.


Software based tooling to generate new content e.g. that I made to generate on-demand content but could be use to rapidly prototype VR experiments


More? There should always be room for improvement so what do you suggest?